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Why CU Works Accounting?

accounting case studyFully Customizable

The backbone of our Outsourced Accounting Service is customization. We realize that each credit union's situation and needs are different, and we strive to provide an unique solution for every one of our clients. We don't just slap a list in front of you and make you choose the best service.

Assist, Not Replace

We work with your credit union's accounting department to make it more efficient, whether it's assisting your current staff with functions, stepping in during a crisis, and even acting as an interim CFO. We never look to replace your accountants, but simply assist the department.

Depth of Knowledge

Our Accounting team has close to 100 years of combined credit union accounting experience, from large to small credit unions, and everthing in between. We pride ourselves in the breadth of knowledge within our team.

Increases Productivity & Efficiency

Our team will compliment and support your own accounting department, which allows internal resources to focus on other critical issues facing your credit union.

Eliminates Key Person Risk

We'll be there for you when a key accounting employee quits unexpectedly, retires, or takes a leave of absence.

Provides Separation of Duties

We provide unbiased internal controls and a separation of duties – a crucial component of safety and soundness.

Experienced with Multiple DP systems

We have experience with many common DP systems, such as CUProdigy, Fiserv, and Symitar.

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