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Special Projects

When it rains, it pours...we know how business works, and we have you covered. Do you have a unique situation which requires additional assistance? Our team has helped many credit unions with a wide variety of one-off events, like core conversions and staff loss. We like to think that we are your handy back pocket contact. Whether you have large or small budget, we can find a way to help you weather the storm.

What we offer:

  • Personnel training
  • Reconciliations & balancing methods development
  • Reconciliation catch up
  • Research
  • Exam/audit preparation
  • General Ledger review
     - Offer suggestions for reorganization/updates
  •  Financial statement design
  •  Department structure assessment
      - Define job descriptions
      - Assign tasks
  • And much, much more...

And don't forget, we pride ourselves in our ability to be fully customizable. We strive to meet your unique credit unions needs.


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