Who We Are

CU Service Network has launched CU Works, a family of services that helps companies outsource their back office functions. Accounting was the first service we offered back in 2014, and has grown significantly over the years. We are proud to say that we are one of the first organizations to offer fully outsourced accounting services in the country.

Back then, we were known as CU Service Network Accounting Services for Credit Unions, and had just a few credit unions clients. But word spread about our flagship service and demand grew. Over the years we have helped dozens of credit unions clients, large and small, from coast to coast.

CU Works Accounting boasts over 70 years of combined credit unions accounting experience. We've seen it all, and we can help your credit union...whatever your needs.


About CU Service Network

CU Service Network is a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) located in Lakewood, Colorado near Denver. We help credit unions in our surrounding states achieve their goals, like growing membership and improving efficiency and economies of scale.

We started simply offering Shared Branching, but over the past few years we have changed tremendously as an organization. Our company shifted from a product-oriented to service-oriented. With both a new mission statement and vision statement, our focus lies in Research & Development, collaboration in the CU community, and innovative ideas to benefit our credit uinions.

We identify trends, products and/or services that: increase credit union revenue, reduce credit union operating expenses, and offer new or enhanced services to members. We look forward to growing the network to meet the ever changing needs of our credit union partners.

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